Luxury Yoga Retreat

Maui, Hawaii

  • Wake up in paradise. Take your cuppa to the beach for sunrise
  • Breathe, stretch, and smile with morning yoga
  • Explore the island with new friends
  • Watch your body grow free and strong with daily activity and delicious healthy meals
  • Six days, five nights of luxury; includes yoga, massage, and more
  • This may be just what you need!

Upcoming Retreats October 23-28, 2021 January 10-15, 2022 October 2022

Fees include everything but airfare Double Occupancy, $3300, Private Suite $3900


Our Luxury Maui Yoga Retreat Program

Experience the magic of Maui, daily yoga, meditation and sound alchemy with Jennifer Lynn, ERYT-500 and Sarah Gray, ERYT-500.  Your retreat includes nature adventures, sacred ceremony, Hawaiian teachings and local farm-fresh meals prepared by culinary experts Larry Duran and Ryan Averhart. Our beach side retreat center is equipped with pool, hot tub, and a beautiful underground yoga studio. Just a few steps from one of Maui's most beautiful south-side beaches, this luxury yoga retreat is sure to soothe your soul and inspire joy.

The moment you land in Maui, we sweep you off your feet and treat you like family. We can meet you at the airport, slide you into an air conditioned vehicle, put a cool drink in your hand, and drive you to our beach-side retreat center to get you settled in. Or you can rent a car and drive yourself. Just after sunset on our first day we meet in the dining room for dinner and orientation. Our first day closes with a gentle yoga class to ease your travel-weary body.

Each day begins at sunrise with tea, coffee, juice, and light snacks. Enjoy a quiet sunrise or walk the beach as you sip your morning brew. At 8AM we meet on the mats for an energizing morning yoga practice with one of the Wisdom Flow Yoga teachers. After class we gather for brunch and plan the adventures for the day. You are free to join group adventures or stay on site to swim, snorkel, surf, schedule a massage or settle into a hammock for a good read. We meet back at 5pm for gentle yoga with pranayama (breathing exercises), followed by dinner and evening events.

A balance of group adventures and personal free time make this retreat rich and engaging and yet deeply relaxing. Our group adventures may include organic farm tour with farm-to-table lunch, waterfall hike and swim, rain forest hike with upcountry sunset picnic dinner. Special events may include hula dance performance and Hawaiian Wisdom stories, Celestial Navigation and astronomy talk. Events are always scheduled based on weather conditions and the desires of the group.

Important note: this is a very luxurious retreat. You might return home a little spoiled and will have to join us every year to get your fix of being treated like the divine being you are!

Even though the retreat center can hold many more, we accept only 15-20 students per retreat. We believe the intimacy of the group plays a huge part in the joy of the journey. We also want to assure that each person gets plenty of personal space and personal attention. Apply early to assure your spot.


Sample Schedule:

6:30 AM to 7:30 AM: morning brew and light snack

8:00 AM to 9:30 AM: morning yoga class

10:00AM - 11:00AM: big beautiful brunch 

Noon - 4:30PM: free time or group adventure

5:00-6:00PM: gentle yoga, breathing, meditation

6:30-7:30PM: dinner

Evenings: special events

"The beauty of Maui, the warmth of the people, the healthy happy flow of each day restored my heart. The yoga classes, the ocean adventures, and the lovely new friends melted away the stress of city life. I feel restored!"

- Jackie Pelton, WIsdom Flow Yoga retreat participant

The Location

Our luxury yoga beach retreats are held at the Wailea Inn Villa. Click the video below and take a virtual tour!

Wailea Inn Villa is a private gated complex with several rooms and bungalows, yoga studio, pool and hottub. Each room has its own bathroom. There are serveral kitchens, dining areas and sitting rooms. Guests have a choice of accommodations

Double Occupancy Luxury Room: Private Bath with a friend - $3300 per person

Private Room and Bathroom: Total Privacy and Total Luxury - $3900 per person

note: shared rooms are for known friends and couples only. solo travelers must choose a private suite.

Meet Your Teachers

Jennifer Lynn - ERYT 500 and founder of Wisdom FLow Yoga School, Jennifer was raised by nature-loving parents. She learned early on that the wisdom and glory of the divine are alive in nature, and we would be wise to follow the wisdom of nature in all we do. After a battle with level 4 cancer at age 28, Jennifer radically changed her life priorities and started a path of karmic clearing and joyful growth. Her first yoga class brought a profound out-of-body experience that awakened her sleeping soul. She has been on a path to share the gift of self-realization through yoga ever since. Jennifer believes it is through the reverant exploration of our brilliant bodies that we discover our divine roots. Jennifer has taken over 2000 hours of trainings and workshops with masters like Richard Freeman, John Friend, and Desiree Rumbaugh. In the Wisdom Flow Yoga Teacher Trainings Jennifer teaches alignment principles based on the sacred geometry of the body and sees our practice as a means to align more deeply with body, planet, cosmos and Love.

Sarah Gray ERYT 500

Sarah met Jennifer in 2004 and completed her teacher training in 2012. Sarah has traveled to Bali with Jennifer, co-taught at Wanderlust with Jennifer and assisted at her teacher trainings since 2013. Sarah adores having the opportunity to share the freedom that comes from the yoga practice. Over her 15 years practicing and teaching yoga Sarah has come to see the breath as the most powerful and accessible tool for healing and transformation. As a seasoned Roller Derby Skater and a Bee Keeper, Sarah uses her Pranayama practices to keep a calm steady mind when on the derby track and tending to her bee hives.  

Diana Despineres ERYT 500, Ayerveda Practicioner

Diana has been teaching Vedic and kirtan chanting, hatha yoga, vinyasa and meditation since 2003, with a foundation in Advaita Vedanta, Asthanga Yoga and Iyengar Yoga. She is also an Ayurvedic practitioner who teaches and guides people in healthy Ayurvedic living. Her personal yoga asana practice is dynamic, restorative and therapeutic, and is deeply influenced by the Iyengar method and her teacher Sri Louise. She is currently working towards gaining an Iyengar Level I & II certification under the mentor-ship of Senior Iyengar yoga teacher Holly Walk Kostura. Diana believes yoga, meditation and Ayurveda are available to anyone—young or old, rich or poor, religious or non-religious. She says that however you identify, yoga, meditation and Ayurveda can bring you into balance and well-being.

Ariana Hornkohl E-RYT 200

Ariana Hornkohl grew up in the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico and moved to the island of Maui where she was introduced to yoga and hula. Ariana has been practicing the art and lifestyle of yoga for over 10 years and has completed over 500 hours of teacher training courses. She studied with Jennifer Lynn at Wisdom Flow Yoga in Maui, Hawaii, completed an internship program and is now a senior teacher. Her passion for dance, music and hula bring a moving meditation in rhythm, sound vibration and pranayama to align body and mind.  Ariana invites students to drop into the power of breath and movement to awaken the deep layers of potential within. Ariana teaches Gentle Flow and Vinyasa Flow at Wisdom Flow Studio


A note from our founder...

After years in the tech industry, a yoga retreat in Maui, Hawaii changed my life forever. It awakened my adventurous spirit and rekindled my love of nature. With focused desire and the help of friends, I moved to Maui and started a business doing what I love: yoga in the beauty of nature. I founded Wisdom Flow Yoga - MAUI in 2006 and have been offering classes, retreats and teacher training programs ever since. I am blessed to live this magical life and look forward to sharing part of it with you.

- Jennifer, Wisdom Flow Yoga founder

More about Wisdom Flow Yoga

Wisdom Flow Yoga School was founded in 2007 by Jennifer Lynn. With an engineering background, Jennifer appreciated the precise alignments of styles like Iyengar and Anusara, but also felt the importance of celebrating the flow of spirit through joyful movement. Wisdom Flow Yoga blends the Yang elements of organized structure with the Yin of dance-like flow. Structure must align with the laws of nature in order to be strong and sustainable, yet too much dogma can pinch off the organic flow of the heart. Wisdom Flow Yoga embodies a balance of precise alignments and core-centered movement with a playful dynamic flow that keeps the pathways clean, clear and strong, and the song of the heart coming through. In our training students learn a set of elegant alignment prinicples based on the sacred geometry of the human body. We learn to balance these principles in all poses. We learn to ride the flow of breath as the vehicle of awareness to keeps us exploring and refining our body-architecture towards healing and joyful growth. 

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Watch Our Teacher Training Overview: 

Reviews From Our Students 

"If your goal is to become a yoga teacher who leads with confidence, clarity, and heart, Wisdom Flow Yoga is the training for you. The program has you practicing teaching and voicing from day one to build courage and skill. Jennifer Lynn provides the framework and ongoing support to help you understand the nuances of yoga philosophy, deepen your alignment and get the most out of your personal practice - all of which will help you become an excellent teacher."

- Lisa Avramenko, Nova Scotia CA

Graduate and owner of HappyFit Studio

"Although I had received other forms of yoga training, nothing quite compared to the training at Wisdom Flow. Jennifer’s level of professionalism is outstanding. She has a deep desire to bring out the absolute best in her students and her style of mentoring (both during and after the training) gives you the skill, confidence and passion to take the seat of the teacher. I’m now teaching regularly within my community and loving every moment of the journey."

-Rachel Holding, Queensland, AUS

Wisdom Flow Yoga Graduate 

"Wisdom Flow yoga provides a framework for studying all aspects of the practice, breath, postures, meditation, and philosophy. This framework can be used as a universal key to take into all types of movement practices. The structure of this training supports the yogi as they explore their own experience of expanding consciousness and helps them move towards purpose in life that is authentic to them."

-Kristy Haber, Chico, California

Wisdom Flow Yoga Graduate